The Super Affiliates Check List For Choosing A Product To Promote!

Super affiliates have a full proof method of selecting the right product to promote!
They have rules that they stick to every time they have to chose. Here is the check list that a super affiliate uses:

1. The sales copy

The sales copy must have good quality! If it is well written and makes the super affiliate want to buy the product, then he will buy it, check it and if it has value he will promote it. The super affiliate knows that if the sales letter made him get the product, then it’s very likely that others will do the same!

2. The price of the product

Super affiliates think outside the box! They don’t say “Hey, this software costs 300$!
No one is going to buy it! I’ll go and look for one that’s cheaper!”, they go “Hmm… if this product has value, then I will earn a pretty good commission from it! I’ll get it and see if it really is that good!”.

A super affiliate knows that if a product seems relatively expensive (for example 300$)
and at the same time it has a good to great sales letter, then they have to test the product!
Why is that? Because, they know that this product might just be worth a lot more then it’s actual price!!! And if this is the case, then it will generate huge sales!

This doesn’t mean that super affiliates promote only high priced products! Not even close! They have products that sell for 67$, 47$, 27$ and even 7$! This is because the products are valuable and it brings them another source or income (even if they only get
3 $ per sale, the product is more likely to sell – if it has great bonuses- just because no one wants to loose the opportunity of getting something that’s worth 200$ or even 500$ for the price of 7$)!

3. The commission that the merchant is offering

Super affiliates want great commissions for promoting something. The higher the better!

They look for one tier affiliate programs and two tier ones.

A one-tier commission program will pay out a certain percentage on each sale you make.

A two-tier commission program will pay out a percentage on each sale you make plus another percentage of any sales made through your referral.

The super affiliate promotes a product, someone buys it (and the super affiliate gets the commission) and then the guy that initially bought becomes an affiliate for that product and promotes it to someone else who buys (the super affiliate gets another commission which is usually not very large, but they add up quickly!)

This sound great, but there’s even something greater! It’s called recurring commissions and super affiliates love them!

Recurring means again and again and… When you promote a product that has this sort of commission then all you have to do is sell it once ( these are usually monthly memberships or hosting programs) and you get paid again when the buyer pays for next month and so on!

Now, you see why the super affiliates are absolutely thrilled about these sort of commission!

4. The quality of the product

When they chose a product, super affiliates make sure that this has great value! This ensures that they will sell the product and that they build trust with their buyers (which will become their prospects for other products they promote in the future). Trust is very important for the super affiliates, because trust means more money in the future!

Also, they look for hidden benefits that the product might have and make that a key selling point in their promotions! By doing this, a super affiliate gets a head start over the others affiliates, because not anyone can find the hidden benefits of a product!

5. Does the product fit in with the strategy?

Super affiliates have plans and strategies that they stick to no matter what! That’s mainly the reason for their success: they don’t go chasing after every hot new product just because everyone is promoting it! If the product is in an area that they are not interested in or haven’t got a clue about, they just don’t promote it!

The super affiliates are often experts in just 2-3 niches! But they know their niche inside out and when a product in that specific niche comes out, then affiliates came to them to see if the product is good or not (if the super affiliate is promoting the product it means that it has a good value) and only after they start promoting.

It’s not unusual, for the super affiliates, to be asked if they are promoting a product by the members of their lists and the one that know them (this is trust at work!)! People go to super affiliates because they know they are experts and often they offer great bonuses for the products they promote!