Effective Presentations Tips & Tricks

Power point offers many features and tools that further add to your presentation and make it more effective. When used appropriately these help the speaker to address the audience better and communicate information in a better way. Try and minimize the text and stress on using more and more images, designs and graphics. There are many formats and diagrams to align and place the text and content. Here are listed a few of them to enhance your presentation:

Pyramid Diagram: One of the Seven Wonders of the World, this amazing pyramid is an ideal option for one and all. This triangular prism is perfect to depict upward or downward flow of information, levels or indicate stages. What more, it gives you a three dimensional look, thereby making it unique and amazing to look at.

When you want to address growth or percentages in your content, the pyramid design is ideal. You can also increase the width and length of the design as per your needs and also add colors to it as per the requirements of the presentation. Further, you can add voice or animation to highlight a particular or important point. To avail this feature, all you need to do is simply download it and include in your presentation and get good reviews about the same.

Stairs Diagram: This diagram is one of the most simplest and easy to use and understand. This is mostly used to depict an upward rise like say level or organizational structure from executive to the CEO or product development stages and so on. You can also edit and change the diagram as per your need and customize it accordingly. The user can also add little animation effect wherein the steps appear one by one at a time and surprise the audience with this small trick. The Steps diagram that can spice up your presentation is just a download away!

Bricks Diagram: If you thought stairs was easy wait till you use the bricks diagram. This simple design is also used to indicate upward progression. You can use it for foe variety of instances like growth of an executive in a company or growth of a particular department. One can also use it depict various aspects of a trainees personality so the HR can identify training needs if any.

These entire tools are meant for convenience and aid of the presenter that make life easy for him and improve the appearance and quality of the presentation. You can feed the data easily and the audience will find it easier to understand the concept when presented visually. Complicated and complex data can be simplified with these features. All you need to do is download it get well versed with it and apply it effectively to all your presentations and be applauded for it.

You can also seek expert guidance and they will help you in setting templates with tools so you can use it in future and up-coming presentations. One can also browse through variety of websites for additional help.

Alcohol Free Personal Care Products

Alcohol is included in a variety of personal care products. It is oftentimes a main ingredient, too, to the point that you know a product has alcohol in it before using it. If you do not want to have alcohol in your products for any reason, you are going to want a way to avoid it. Whether it is something you feel does not belong in your products or you do not like the potential negative effects of alcohol, such as drying the skin, you have to find alternatives. There is a huge selection out there, many advertised as alcohol free. You can find something high quality and reliable with ease.

You first have to know which products have alcohol in them. Many skincare and oral care products do, like acne solutions and mouthwash. These products will have the alcohol smell and burn to them usually so you will know if they have alcohol from a single use. Like most people in this situation, you do not want to get to that first use. You want to keep these products out of your home completely, which means that you have to know what to avoid. Like many other products, you may fear that there is more to this than just alcohol.

You do not have to worry. Alcohol is usually listed at the top of the ingredient list and has the word alcohol in it. Look out for ethyl alcohol when shopping as that is what you will likely see on these products. You can find it with a quick read through and there are not a lot of names for you to remember. If you see it, avoid the product and look into what else is around. You can find several personal care products that do not contain any alcohol, but continue to offer the quality and results that you expect out of these products.

There are products advertised as alcohol free if you want a quick search for something alcohol free. They will put this information on the label in large print so that you do not have to hopelessly search around for something good. They provide the quality and reliability that you need without the use of any alcohol, at least for the most part. You can find a large selection, too, so you will have the opportunity to find alcohol free personal care products that work for you personally.

Get What You Want – 5 Ways to Win Every Negotiation

1. You must be fearless when negotiating. You cannot let them bully, intimidate or frighten you. Remember, you hold all the cards because you can walk out whenever you want. There are plenty of other places for you to spend your money.

2. You have to know what you want. Walking into a negotiation blind is suicide. You must have an idea of the final outcome and then you need to keep that secret. Don’t walk in and lay your cards on the table, but play the game. That means you need to do your homework. You need to know what the item really costs and then negotiate from that position. Fortunately the Internet has all that information available.

3. You need to make sure you are negotiating with a decision maker. Don’t waste time haggling with junior personnel that cannot make decisions. Ask to speak to someone with the power to negotiate and make it clear you will only speak to them.

4. You must follow through then-and-there. If you get what you want from the negotiation, you must commit to the sale on the spot. If you come back later you will need to re-negotiate with whomever is present and you will have wasted everyone’s time. Don’t enter into a negotiation if you don’t have the money to pull the trigger.

5. You need to get tough. There is a point in time in every negotiation where you will need to get tough. It is critical that you do this at the right time. It is that moment when the parties are all tired and the other side has drawn a proverbial line in the sand. That is the moment you must go on the offensive and make it clear you are not afraid to walk away from the table.

For example, I bought a car for my wife two years ago. We came in close to closing time so I could benefit from the staff’s exhaustion from a long day of work (I’m evil.). Throughout the entire negotiation, the salesman kept ignoring incoming phone calls on his cell phone. The entire time we were haggling, he kept hitting the Ignore button on that cell phone with a look of growing concern. Finally, he drew that line in the sand and I pounced:

“Look, buddy, I want to buy this car but I am not paying that price. We’ve been here for more than 2 hours arguing because you refuse to see reason. Right now, your girlfriend is throwing that nice dinner she cooked for you into the trash. She’s changing out of that sexy nightgown and putting on that horrible, nasty nightshirt because she’s furious that you haven’t answered any of her calls. I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t calling some other guy right now, all because you are being a pain in the ass over $1000. Either come down, or I’m walking away and you get nothing at all tonight.”

I wish I had a picture of his face; all his resistance collapsed. I took him apart because I correctly assumed that all those phone calls where from his girlfriend. Do I feel bad for wrecking this man? Hell no! I got the price I wanted and my wife drive home in her new car. He got a commission check and a chance to make up with his girlfriend.

The point is, in every negotiation you have to wait for that magic moment and then attack. Once they believe you are prepared to walk away, you will win. Try it and let me know how it works out for you.