Past Lives and Present Love: Examples of Tragedy to Happiness

Your current love life is the result of your past life actions, according to the theories of reincarnation and karma.

However, not all bad love life experiences are the result of bad karma. Your soul chooses experiences for growth, and some present day negative situations may be the result of best intentions in past lives.

Similarly, good love life experiences can be the result of good karma. Below are examples of past life suffering that led to happy love lives.

Sacrifice For Love

She respected and loved her wealthy employer so much that she took the fall when he was accused of something he didn’t do and suffered the rest of her life for it. He loved her too, but couldn’t save her, let alone marry her, due to his position in the community.

In this life they’re married and enjoy a beautiful relationship. Her not having to work ever again due to his wealth is a nice reward for her this time.

Hard Work Pays Off

Though he was poor and didn’t have the status most women look for, she loved him for who he was and didn’t care about what others thought.

Today they’re together again, their subconscious memories of their love and happy past lives together the glue that binds them. Their hard work in past lives has paid off and this time they enjoy the good life.

Sexually Confident

She had no sexual shame and believed there was nothing wrong with a single woman having sex. Unfortunately, her community didn’t feel the same; she was banished from the town for being intimate with a man to whom she wasn’t married.

Today she’s still sexually confident, but this time she’s a sex symbol and in a very public relationship with a man she loves.

Unconditional Love

He was completely devoted to her and always put her first, even though she did not respect him. When she left him he accepted it and even helped her move on with her life.

This lifetime he feels so fortunate to be in a relationship of equal love, respect, and devotion.

A Public Example

As a young homosexual couple in love, they were put to death for refusing to lie about their relationship. The village made an example of them to discourage other homosexuals from being themselves.

Today they’re both gay again, and feel so grateful they’re happy together, now with the support and love of friends and family. They’re a public example again, but this time of love and being true to yourself.

Overcame Fear of Being Alone

She spent several lifetimes unhappily single due to circumstances her soul chose for growth.

Now that she learned the lessons she needed to, this life is a reward: She’s never had to work hard at her love life; things just fall into place for her, though she’s quite content being single too. Her inner strength and the fact that she overcame a fear of being alone a long time ago is absolutely part of her happy love life equation.

Happy Together Again

They had a wonderful relationship, but while at the beach one day, he lost his life saving a young boy from drowning.

They’re together again in this life and the subconscious memories of their strong bond and loss cause them to deeply cherish their relationship. They have a young son (who was the boy he saved), and they’re very happy.

Tips for Successful Debt Negotiation

Sometimes the inevitable happens: No matter how cautious and organized you’ve been, you’re going to fall behind on your bills. Whether it’s because of a job loss, increased bills, or something completely unexpected, there are many reasons why you might fall behind on debt payments. When this happens, good money management might help you get back to financial security. However, this isn’t always the case and sometimes more drastic actions are needed. To avoid severe consequences, it would be wise to begin negotiation efforts with your creditors.

Strategies for Debt Negotiation

When money management isn’t enough to get the bills paid in their entirety, then it’s time for debt negotiation. This will allow you to lower the overall amount due if your creditor approves. Properly approaching debt negotiation discussions increases the likelihood that the creditor will agree to your request.

1.Prioritize your debts. If you are going into debt negotiation for multiple accounts, you’ll generally want to eliminate the lowest balances first. However, there are exceptions and certain types of debt are more important than others. For instance, you should always make a good effort to pay your mortgage over a credit card bill, if you ever have to decide between the two.

2.Double-check your ability to pay. There’s nothing worse than making an offer to your creditor for debt negotiation, having it approved, then realizing that your offer is still too much for you to bear. By double-checking your ability to pay, you’re ensuring that your negotiation actually works for you.

3.Don’t get emotional. While you’ll want to explain why you’re facing financial hardships (job loss, medical expenses, etc.) avoid telling them your life story. Your creditors don’t have a lot of sympathy and are ultimately looking at the bottom line.

4.Brag about your money management. If you’ve made a good faith effort to pay all your bills, be sure to mention your payment history and the clear effort you’ve made! This will make it easier during the debt negotiation process.

5.Consider mentioning bankruptcy. If you’re considering bankruptcy, then mention it or hint that you’re considering it. A bankruptcy means that you’ll be discharged of the debt and that the debt is now the loss of the creditor. The creditor would rather lose some money through debt negotiation than the entire amount through bankruptcy.

6.Save money before debt negotiation. You’ll want to practice good money management by saving enough cash to make a payment before you begin the debt negotiation process. However, do not stop making your current payments! Instead, save enough so that you can make a payment right away. Creditors are more likely to settle if a fund can be immediately transferred.

7. Record the phone call. Consider recording the phone conversation. Recording the conversation – and letting the debt collector know you’re recording it – is a great way to keep them in line. Furthermore, you also have a record of the phone conversation!

Must-Have Christmas Presents for Wives

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