Get What You Want – 5 Ways to Win Every Negotiation

1. You must be fearless when negotiating. You cannot let them bully, intimidate or frighten you. Remember, you hold all the cards because you can walk out whenever you want. There are plenty of other places for you to spend your money.

2. You have to know what you want. Walking into a negotiation blind is suicide. You must have an idea of the final outcome and then you need to keep that secret. Don’t walk in and lay your cards on the table, but play the game. That means you need to do your homework. You need to know what the item really costs and then negotiate from that position. Fortunately the Internet has all that information available.

3. You need to make sure you are negotiating with a decision maker. Don’t waste time haggling with junior personnel that cannot make decisions. Ask to speak to someone with the power to negotiate and make it clear you will only speak to them.

4. You must follow through then-and-there. If you get what you want from the negotiation, you must commit to the sale on the spot. If you come back later you will need to re-negotiate with whomever is present and you will have wasted everyone’s time. Don’t enter into a negotiation if you don’t have the money to pull the trigger.

5. You need to get tough. There is a point in time in every negotiation where you will need to get tough. It is critical that you do this at the right time. It is that moment when the parties are all tired and the other side has drawn a proverbial line in the sand. That is the moment you must go on the offensive and make it clear you are not afraid to walk away from the table.

For example, I bought a car for my wife two years ago. We came in close to closing time so I could benefit from the staff’s exhaustion from a long day of work (I’m evil.). Throughout the entire negotiation, the salesman kept ignoring incoming phone calls on his cell phone. The entire time we were haggling, he kept hitting the Ignore button on that cell phone with a look of growing concern. Finally, he drew that line in the sand and I pounced:

“Look, buddy, I want to buy this car but I am not paying that price. We’ve been here for more than 2 hours arguing because you refuse to see reason. Right now, your girlfriend is throwing that nice dinner she cooked for you into the trash. She’s changing out of that sexy nightgown and putting on that horrible, nasty nightshirt because she’s furious that you haven’t answered any of her calls. I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t calling some other guy right now, all because you are being a pain in the ass over $1000. Either come down, or I’m walking away and you get nothing at all tonight.”

I wish I had a picture of his face; all his resistance collapsed. I took him apart because I correctly assumed that all those phone calls where from his girlfriend. Do I feel bad for wrecking this man? Hell no! I got the price I wanted and my wife drive home in her new car. He got a commission check and a chance to make up with his girlfriend.

The point is, in every negotiation you have to wait for that magic moment and then attack. Once they believe you are prepared to walk away, you will win. Try it and let me know how it works out for you.

Modern Office Workstations – A New Trend of the Present Business Establishment

Modern Office Workstations are the latest trend in today’s corporate culture. This furniture plays a pivotal role when it comes to helping businesses to increase the productivity and efficiency of their workers.

Most offices now want to install the piece of furniture which exhibits both style and comfort. As a result, more and more furniture makers offer a comprehensive range of products that are contemporary and fit into any work environment. Modern office workstations are the latest trend in today’s corporate culture. This furniture plays a pivotal role when it comes to helping businesses to increase the productivity and efficiency of their workers.

Workstations Are Available in A Wide Collection

Plenty of choices are available in the market for those businesses who are looking for quality and modern workstations. You can expect to find a lot of options, be it design and style. The installation of this furniture is enough to allow employees to work comfortably. Exclusively-designed, ergonomic workstations have the ability to make any office look perfect and encourage workers to be more productive. Just note down your requirements and start searching for it over the internet. You will get an opportunity to browse through a huge workstation collection and find your desired one in a few minutes. So, your product will be in your hand after just investing your few valuable minutes.

Modern Workstation Cubicles Look Absolutely Eclectic And Stunning

Workstation Cubicles are the furniture products that look absolutely eclectic and stunning. Maintaining their own identity in the corporate world, they are available in different colors, shapes and textures. This furniture exhibits a great combination of functionality and appeal. Many business owners like to use them because of imparting an uncluttered look in the workplace. They are considered as an unmatched embodiment of simplistic style and look highly professional and are perfect for the modern office atmosphere.

Modern office workstations have become a must have item in the present corporate business world. Different materials like metals, chrome and glass are used in the making of this furniture. They include crisp and smooth finish, making them look fashionable and chic in nature.

These Products Cater To Different Needs Of Different Companies

The availability of workstation cubicles has been seen in the market in different colors, including white, black and tan colors. So, you can choose the product that will go well with the color and design theme of your room. The selection of color plays a very important role in complementing the existing furniture and making your office more professional. They are available in different designs-from conventional to traditional. The current furniture market has a wider choice of workstations for individuals and businesses alike. They cater to different requirements of different business establishments.

Online Furniture Stores Carry Various Good Furniture Deals

These furnishing items come in different price range and it is very easy to find an affordable deal with the help of internet. You can browse through a diverse collection of modern office workstations and find the one that will suit your requirements and meet your budget.

Today’s workstations are custom planned and can easily be configured according to your space specifications. In this regard, a professional help will help you to prepare a detailed custom workstation’s layout and get optimum results.

Past Lives and Present Love: Examples of Tragedy to Happiness

Your current love life is the result of your past life actions, according to the theories of reincarnation and karma.

However, not all bad love life experiences are the result of bad karma. Your soul chooses experiences for growth, and some present day negative situations may be the result of best intentions in past lives.

Similarly, good love life experiences can be the result of good karma. Below are examples of past life suffering that led to happy love lives.

Sacrifice For Love

She respected and loved her wealthy employer so much that she took the fall when he was accused of something he didn’t do and suffered the rest of her life for it. He loved her too, but couldn’t save her, let alone marry her, due to his position in the community.

In this life they’re married and enjoy a beautiful relationship. Her not having to work ever again due to his wealth is a nice reward for her this time.

Hard Work Pays Off

Though he was poor and didn’t have the status most women look for, she loved him for who he was and didn’t care about what others thought.

Today they’re together again, their subconscious memories of their love and happy past lives together the glue that binds them. Their hard work in past lives has paid off and this time they enjoy the good life.

Sexually Confident

She had no sexual shame and believed there was nothing wrong with a single woman having sex. Unfortunately, her community didn’t feel the same; she was banished from the town for being intimate with a man to whom she wasn’t married.

Today she’s still sexually confident, but this time she’s a sex symbol and in a very public relationship with a man she loves.

Unconditional Love

He was completely devoted to her and always put her first, even though she did not respect him. When she left him he accepted it and even helped her move on with her life.

This lifetime he feels so fortunate to be in a relationship of equal love, respect, and devotion.

A Public Example

As a young homosexual couple in love, they were put to death for refusing to lie about their relationship. The village made an example of them to discourage other homosexuals from being themselves.

Today they’re both gay again, and feel so grateful they’re happy together, now with the support and love of friends and family. They’re a public example again, but this time of love and being true to yourself.

Overcame Fear of Being Alone

She spent several lifetimes unhappily single due to circumstances her soul chose for growth.

Now that she learned the lessons she needed to, this life is a reward: She’s never had to work hard at her love life; things just fall into place for her, though she’s quite content being single too. Her inner strength and the fact that she overcame a fear of being alone a long time ago is absolutely part of her happy love life equation.

Happy Together Again

They had a wonderful relationship, but while at the beach one day, he lost his life saving a young boy from drowning.

They’re together again in this life and the subconscious memories of their strong bond and loss cause them to deeply cherish their relationship. They have a young son (who was the boy he saved), and they’re very happy.