Let’s Explore the Unlimited Career Avenues Present in the Android Application Market

In the recent years, Android development has become one of the most important parts of the IT sector. If you are considering a career in the Android field, then it is crucial to understand the process of Android development. Android is an operating system which was launched in 2007. Like Linux, it is an open operating system which can be easily modified by the manufacturer or a developer as per his own requirements. It is one of the most common platforms for mobile development and is used by over 70% of the developers throughout the world.

The smart-phone boom has ignited the Android application development market. The popularity of mobile applications is rising day by day. People are switching from laptops to smart-phones and as a result, there is a growing need for mobile application developers.

Why Android is a popular operating system
The popularity of Android is rising because it is the only operating system which is offering so many applications at free of cost. Undoubtedly, the market is flooded with Android development jobs. It is because of this consumer demand that so many tech companies are hiring experienced Android developers. Job postings for Android developers have doubled in the last three years, but supply has increased only to 13%. The Android platform has created an outstanding career in technology and application development.

Education requirement
Usually, there is no special course which is designed for the Android development, except that anyone who is interested in learning Android should have a perfect blend of mind and logical reasoning. Usually, computer engineers are taking more interest towards this field. People who have a good knowledge of Java and Linux are finding it easy to get Android jobs.

Below are some good institutes where you can learn about Android development-

1= Peridot Systems
2= Mainfold Advanced Training & Research Center
3= QEdge Technologies
4= Total Graphics Classes (TGC)

Career prospects
In the current scenario, Android is fast becoming as one of the most biggest platforms for programmers. There is a burgeoning demand of experienced Android developers throughout the globe. Also, most businesses across different domains are building Android applications for their varied enterprise and retail products. As a fresher, you could earn somewhere between Rs 30000-40000/month. There is no restriction on the upper limit of the salary package and after gaining some experience, you can easily earn more than 80,000-1 lakh/annum.

At present, the Android platform is producing enormous career opportunities in technology and application development sectors. As it is the open source, therefore, you may get a wide scope to learn and work. Even a software developer who has a knack of understanding of the algorithms and who can also think out of the box, Android is the right career choice. According to the report published in a leading newspaper, India has become the third fastest growing mobile application market in the global front.

Although, jobs are available across the country, but there are some cities in India, which are producing more opportunities as compared to other cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. After gaining some years of experience and skills, you can work as a freelancer Android application developer also.