The Best PRO-SERIES Critical Cleaning Wipers for 2021

Surface wiping is an integral part of daily taskwork and wipers engineered with specific performance features are essential to protect people, work processes and product integrity. PRO-SERIES wipers come in a complete range of grades, sizes and packaging to help users complete their work effectively and efficiently with confidence. New for 2021, PRO-SERIES has added wet wipes to round out its line of critical cleaning wipes and surface wiping systems.


The PRO-SERIES premium product line of PRISTINE wipes features cloth-like, virtually lint-free material in multiple grades—from heavy duty rag replacement to universal grade wipes intended for limited reuse. When it comes to critical environments such as labs and cleanrooms where contamination control is paramount, the best solution is PRISTINE Critical Environment wipes that are ISO Class rated and hermetically sealed.

For precision wiping tasks required by clean manufacturing facilities such as aerospace and electronics, PRISTINE Precision Cleaning wipes are the best option. They are virtually lint-free, solvent resistant, binder-free and engineered strong to hold up under extreme use scenarios.

The best wiper grade for a task is determined by how rugged or delicate the surface is, and by the demands or limits of wiper reuse. Some work processes require that PRISTINE wipes be used once and then disposed of, while others allow for reusability even to the point of laundering. On the other hand, there are times when precision cleaning is not a priority, and the performance features of a lower cost all-purpose wipe are the best solution. This is true for general cleanup tasks such as absorbing liquid spills and wiping grease from surfaces, tools and even hands and face. Designed specifically for this purpose, the number one PRO-SERIES choice for general cleaning is CHAMPION wipes made from ultra-absorbent materials that wipe a surface completely dry with just one wipe.

The best PRO-SERIES wipers packaging option for a work environment is one that keeps the product clean and conveniently ready to use. For large volume usage, a jumbo roll is the perfect solution because of its high capacity. Alternately, to manage usage and reduce waste, the best choice is a dispenser box or poly-pack that dispenses one wiper at a time while keeping unused wipers clean and protected from environmental contamination. Another way to reduce waste, and ultimately control costs, is by selecting the best wiper size – small sheets for delicate tasks and large towels for the biggest jobs. Wiper size, packaging and grade are all factors to consider to reach the lowest cost, most effective and productive solution with PRO-SERIES dry wipes.


The COVID-19 pandemic affected the flow of many imported goods and raw materials that in turn blocked the availability of popular disinfecting products. At the same time, demand for these products skyrocketed to an all-time high. Canister wipes completely disappeared from warehouses. Workplace facilities drastically increased surface cleaning frequency. To answer the new demand, PRO-SERIES added refillable surface wiping systems that quickly became a popular first line of defense by pairing dry wipes with industrial grade dispensing buckets. Users simply add their own liquid cleaner, sanitizer or disinfectant to create custom saturated cleaning wipes. These dry wipe bucket systems continue to be the best solution for workplaces that use bulk disinfectant with controlled dispensing systems. PRO-SERIES high volume rolls and refillable buckets are an ideal substitute for canister wipes to increase productivity and reduce plastic packaging waste.

As mentioned earlier, the right wipe for the task is one that has design and performance features best suited for the specific work process. In many cases pre-saturated wipes are the best solution for a facility, and new PRO-SERIES EPA-registered disinfectant wipes were developed to fulfill this need. While the CDC website recently reported that surface transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is not the main route of infection, it states that the virus can remain viable on surfaces for up to three days.1 New PRO-SERIES disinfectant wipes kill SARS-CoV-2 on hard non-porous surfaces in just 30 seconds.

This is a remarkably short dwell time (meaning the surface must remain wet) that can truly be a benefit through productivity and cost savings. Some List N disinfectants require a dwell time that is several minutes long. Several passes with more than one wipe may be necessary in order to maintain a wet surface for this time period. The best solution for surface disinfecting will use the least the number of wipes and the shortest amount of time. PRO-SERIES disinfectant wipes can meet this need, reducing material costs and increasing productivity with just 30 seconds needed to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 on hard non-porous surfaces.


PRO-SERIES dry wipes, wet wipes and refillable wiping systems make up a critical cleaning line that can help any workplace or facility achieve their best, highly productive, cost effective and comprehensive surface care solution for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting.

Why Logos Act as the Face of Your Brand?

The face of a company, at the first glance, is the logo that you have attributed to it. Although narrow observations might not pin high importance to aesthetic factors like design and logo, an astute entrepreneur will never marginalize the visual aspects of branding. Branding is a continual process that involves the creation of a relatable narration and social interaction to generate a good reputation amongst the target customers or clients. While campaigns and other interactive approaches work their magic, it is important to simultaneously separate your brand from your competitors to retain your customers- this is one of the focal points of branding. So, how is it done? The first step is presenting a unique symbol that points directly and singularly to you- your company’s logo. However, not any logo can evoke the same sentiments as the ones professionally crafted by the best logo makers.

While looking for the best logo makers for your purpose, the preliminary step is identifying your goal- what kind of logo do you want, what is the skill level you anticipate of the designer, what budget you are working with, etc.,- should be addressed and appropriately sorted. The purpose of your brand’s logo is not just to instantly impress the beholder but also to leave a lasting mental imprint. Many times, you might not recall the name of a brand, but scanning through a poster or magazine page and suddenly stumbling upon the logo of the enterprise can help jog one’s memory of the experience they had with their product or services. As a result, the best logo makers emphasize on the factors of instant and lasting impression to create a unique logo that defines your venture.

The first impression that a logo makes is not negligible because a logo professionally curated by the best logo makers reveals the depth and details that generic logos inherently lack. While generic logos show the maximum potential of being an amateur’s attempt to impress if your competitor presents their brand with the finesse of professionalism while you conspicuously lack, the shared customer market will naturally flock to the enterprise that oozes sophistication and dedication. In other words, a serious entrepreneur doesn’t try to penny-pinch on indispensable elements like the logo but makes lucrative investments by hiring the best logo makers to create or transform the face of the brand.

Logos fall under the branding process and show an omnipresence by appearing on every associated element of a brand. It even determines the voice of your brand. For instance, the font, color, and texture that make a logo act as blocks that build the company’s character. When professionally designed, it reveals the entrepreneur’s commitment to the enterprise, as well its potential to deliver what it claims.

Buying Olukai Womens Slippers Online? What To Lookout For, Tips, And Guides

this is the ugly truth about the feet that most people ignore. You are unconcerned with your feet when you care little about what you wear on your feet. If you wear the wrong footwear, it will cause discomfort, impede blood flow, and over time cause problems leading to immobility.

You can find the best slippers dealer when you search for Olukai womens slippers for sale in San Diego or buy from the Hansensurf store.

Many stores offer Olukai Men’s Slippers online; we advise that you take time to buy from the best. What is the good in wearing footwear that does not provide comfort and protection? It is wrong to put on uncomfortable slippers around the house.

Wearing uncomfortable slippers could eventually make you hate wearing one. Because of the pain, you will prefer going around barefooted exposing your feet to possible indoor accidents. I have heard of people sustaining severe preventable foot injuries that occurred because they did not wear slippers.

Avoid walking around without slippers, and if you need one, Buy Olukai Mens Slippers online; they are comfortable, durable, and produced with excellent quality materials.

Short slippers wearing guide:

For the sake of variety and inspiration, below are interesting slippers wearing guides.

Wear slippers and prevent weather attack

During harsh weather, the type of slippers you wear matters. In cold weather, you need slippers that can keep your feet warm from chilling weather conditions. Children are naturally playful, so they need to wear slippers to prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries like falls and slips when playing indoors.

Wearing slippers produced with natural materials:

Olukai slippers from Hansensurf stores are made using 100% natural materials that ensure wearers enjoy comfort and protection. You can find slippers made with varieties of materials like leather, wool, etc.

Buying leather slippers:

When searching for Olukai womens slippers for sale in San Diego or leather slippers, ensure you get original leather. Leather slippers provide ultimate comfort and protection for your ankle and heels. Top-quality leather prevents slippers from falling off your foot. For 100% coziness, organically designed slippers offer flexibility and softness that support your feet’ spontaneous movements.

When your child’s feet move in slippers naturally, it enhances their motor advancement, motivates them to discover, and learn more about their environments.

Slippers made for wools:

Slippers produced with wools can maintain your feet’ actual warmness, particularly during the winter season. This warmness during cold weather is essential as it significantly helps to prevent cold-related illnesses. Wools have a natural quality that produces durable and flexible indoor footwear, which mold snugly to your feet and offer an intense level of ease.

Tips for buying children’s footwear:

Another vital guide when buying slippers for your child is to make sure that it has sufficient room for growth. Children grow fast, and they tend to outgrow their slippers fast too. So, it is recommended that you make provision for 1-cm toe-space when measuring your child’s leg; this space allows you to wear the slippers for a long time and still feel relaxed in them.

Looking For The Perfect Graduation Present? Try A Monogrammed Memory Chest

Graduation season is upon us and that means it’s time to start thinking about gifts. If cash is too impersonal for you and you want to give the graduate something that will last a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with a personalized memory chest that has been monogrammed with the graduate’s initials. These solid wood creations are the perfect way to celebrate all the hard work grads have put in and serve as a reminder of the accomplishments for the rest of their lives.

Commemorate A Milestone

Graduation is a special milestone in life. It represents the culmination of time and effort put in toward achieving our dreams. What better way to commemorate this milestone than with a personalized storage chest or keepsake box? Personalization options range from the simple to the complex and include:

Names or monograms
School names
Graduation date
A special poem or inspirational quote

Beyond simply including the recipient’s name on the box, consider including a special poem or inspirational quote on the underside of the box lid. Grads will appreciate being able to look at your words again and again when they need comfort or inspiration.

Looking Toward The Future

Graduation isn’t just a time to celebrate the past. It’s a time to look forward to the future, full of hopes, dreams and goals. The most thoughtful gifts encourage these dreams. Some gifts encourage in entirely practical ways. The gift of money for example, is often used to help new grads start the next chapter of their lives whether that is more schooling or a first job or a first apartment. While practical and helpful, cash just doesn’t have the emotional connection that so many gift-givers are looking to convey.

Another common graduation gift is a book. Books are typically thoughtfully picked out by the gift-giver to aid the graduate in the next chapter of his or her life. They last a long time and very often contain a special message written inside for the graduate; something that he or she can refer to as he or she progresses through life. Books are easily stored or transported, which is another reason they remain popular.

Personalized memory chests meet all of these parameters as well but take their usefulness and longevity a step further. Memory chests are a physical representation of hope for the future. They are long lasting and practical, conveying your expectation that the grad will have a long life, overflowing with treasures to be stored inside the box. If you choose a solid wood chest or keepsake box, if will last for generations. In some families where it is tradition for children to attend the same schools as their parents, a memory chest engraved with the school slogan or name that is passed down from generation to generation has even more meaning.

The fact that these storage boxes can hold items as small as rings to as large as varsity jackets or blankets emblazoned with the school mascot makes them one of the most versatile presents you could give a graduate. It is this versatility that makes memory chests the perfect gift to grow with the graduate. What better way to celebrate life’s next steps and look toward the future than with a gift that grows along with your grad?